Underwater Blasting

Underwater blasting is often used to break up rocks before removing them. Before the blasting begins, several steps must be taken. First, the site should be thoroughly investigated. This is done to figure out the type of rock that will be blasted and the size of the rockhead (the part that sticks out from the bedrock). The surrounding area should also be investigated, as blasting can cause ripple effects that impact nearby buildings and other structures.

Then the right type of explosive must be chosen. This is a vital decision and depends on a few key considerations, such as:

The desired detonation velocity. 

The detonation stability (how easy it is to control the velocity)

The explosive’s water resistance and shelf life.

Broadly speaking, there are two types of explosives that are used in an underwater blasting project: nitroglycerine-based explosives (NG) and ammonium nitrate-based explosives (AN). 

Experty Underwater Blasting for Vancouver Island and the Gulf Islands 

Regardless of the project and the explosive used for blasting, undertaking such a project requires the utmost care and safety. You want to work with experienced professionals who understand what needs to be done to ensure the underwater blasting is done efficiently and safely—with respect to both the workers and the environment. 

Western Grater is the leading rock blasting contractor servicing Vancouver Island and the Gulf Islands. Our blasting team are experts in rock fragmentation and utilize industry-best practices combined with decades of local experience and techniques.

Western Grater’s blasting operations encompass a large scope, but we specifically pride ourselves on being the primary underwater blasting contractor on Vancouver Island.

Underwater blasting requires exacting controls, environmental stewardship, and reliable equipment and practices to maintain schedule. Western Grater has perfected these skills over multiple decades and projects in our local waters. With 35+ years of underwater blasting experience, Western Grater has the skills and expertise to make your next project a success.