Grouting Services on Vancouver Island

Grouting is the injection of pumpable materials into soil or rock with the intention of altering its physical characteristics. For example, grouting can be used to control ground water during a civil engineering project. 

A project may call for grouting when soil permeability could create a heavy demand on pumping. We may also use grout in the formation of pile foundations, ground anchors, and other applications.

Which materials we use for grouting depends on a few variables. The soil, the rock type, and the area that needs to be grouted will all factor into the decision. Regardless of the material used, the process doesn’t change. Soil or rock will be injected with grout, which will set and act as a sealant. 

Western Grater offers a wide range of grouting services and has the experience and equipment to get the job done safely and efficiently.  Our grout pumps are suitable for a multitude of grout and concrete mixes, and we have the tooling needed to ensure accurate placement.

We offer a variety of grouting services, including: 

  • Soil and Rock Consolidation Grouting
  • Anchor and Dowel Grouting
  • Grout Packing
  • High-pressure Grout Injection Drilling
  • Void Grouting
  • Leveling Courses

Western Grater has over 30 years of experience with grouting applications in many different scenarios. We have the capacity to provide solutions to many challenges.  Please contact us for information regarding our services and how we can make your next grouting project a success.