Shotcrete Shoring

What is Shotcrete Shoring

Shotcrete is a high velocity application of concrete onto a vertical or overhead surface. The impact of the concrete against the target surface creates an excellent bond and is much easier to apply  to complex forms and shapes compared to traditional concrete placement. 

Shoring is the temporary or permanent support of a structure that is weak or unstable. 

Shotcrete shoring uses sprayed concrete (shotcrete) to reinforce the perimeter of the project area. Anchors may be drilled and installed to hold the shotcrete in place. Many construction projects need to be shored up to prevent soil from falling into the site. Taking these measures at the beginning of a project ensures that all workers are safe.

Why Use Shotcrete Shoring?

In many situations, shotcrete outperforms traditional concrete placement. It has high tensile strength, better thermal efficiency and can be applied to almost any surface. And because it requires less formwork than conventional concrete, applications of shotcrete can be completed much quicker than when traditional methods are used. 

Shotcrete Shoring Company on Vancouver Island

Western Grater offers shoring installation services as well as consultation and critical analysis for projects requiring shoring systems that provide cost-effective and schedule oriented solutions.  Our management team is well versed in efficient methods of project execution and our field team includes experienced welders, drillers, fabricators and ACI certified shotcrete nozzlemen.  We offer installation services as well as consultation and critical analysis for projects requiring shoring systems to provide cost-effective and schedule oriented solutions.

We offer a variety of shotcrete shoring systems, including:

  • Soldier pile shoring
  • Anchor tendon shotcrete shoring
  • Internal brace shoring
  • Tie-back anchor shoring

Shotcrete Shoring with Western Grater

Western Grater has the resources and manpower required for prompt completion of challenging shoring projects.  A culture of safety, determination, adaptability and systematic problem solving techniques underlines our history of success with shoring system installations.  Contact us to find out how we'll leverage our experience with shoring against difficult conditions such as clay, soil, unstable rock, gravel, till and running sand to make your next project a success.