Our drilling team has the knowledge and experience to complete challenging drilling projects for a wide variety of operations.  We offer methodology consultation for efficient project execution and have the capacity to modify our drill rigs to meet the demands of any scenario. 

We are fluent with the requirements of environmentally sensitive locations and run only the most environmentally friendly lubricants and fluids in our equipment.  Our rock drills are equipped with efficient dust collection systems to keep jobsites clean and eliminate unwanted exposure to drill tailings.

Our drill fleet includes dynamic top-drive hydraulic rock drills, down-the-hole hammer (DTH) drills, limited access rigs, bencher drills, pneumatic air-track drills, mini drills and remote access drills.

We offer drilling services for a variety of operations, including:

  • Blasting
  • Anchor Installation
  • Consolidation Grouting
  • Slope Stabilization
  • Environmental and Geological Exploration
  • Power Pole Installation
  • Servicing

Our operational versatility and diverse range of equipment make us the contractor of choice for any drilling project.  Contact us today to find out how our drilling services will make your next project a success.