Blasting Services on Vancouver Island

Western Grater is the leading rock blasting contractor servicing Vancouver Island and the Gulf Islands. The members of our blasting team are considered to be experts in rock fragmentation and utilize industry-best practices.  We have extensive local knowledge and understanding of the techniques and methodologies required to maximize productivity and fragmentation. 

Urban Blasting Experts

Our team specializes in urban blasting. We utilize heavy rubber-tire blasting mats and cutting-edge ground vibration monitoring instrumentation to ensure our blasting operations are conducted safely and with no damage to surrounding homes, structures and services.

Our blasting team is fully certified by WorkSafeBC for blasting in urban areas and have certifications from the BC Ministry of Energy and Mines for quarry blasting on mine sites in urban settings.  Western Grater's project managers are well versed in advanced techniques and blast design and can adapt those designs to meet your unique specifications.

Our blasting operations include:

  • Construction Blasting
  • Large-volume Quarry Blasting
  • Underwater Blasting
  • Civil Services and Trench Blasting
  • Pre-Shear and Backwall Control Blasting
  • Grade Control Blasting
  • Vibration Critical Blasting
  • Zero Clearance Blasting Adjacent Highrises

We offer blasting services in many locations, including:

  • Urban Settings
  • Rural and Remote Access Locations
  • Registered Mine Sites
  • Marine Environments
  • Limited Access Areas
  • Private, Commercial and Industrial Projects
  • Forestry Roads
  • Basements

Western Grater’s experience in the drilling and blasting field is unmatched.  Contact us for more information about our blasting services and how we can help make your next project a success.