Structural Shotcrete

What is Structural Shotcrete?

Structural shotcrete is the use of shotcrete in a structural setting. In other areas, shotcrete may be used to temporarily reinforce the perimeter of a construction site. Here it is used in the long-term strengthening of the structure. It is often used for retaining walls, parkade walls, and for seismic upgrades, though it can be used in many other situations as well. 

With structural shotcrete, the concrete is applied through a high velocity hose onto the target surface. The impact of the concrete against the target surface creates an excellent bond. Unlike conventional concrete applications, shotcrete can easily be applied to any surface. It also offers higher tensile strength and better thermal efficiency compared to traditional concrete applications. For those reasons, shotcrete is the preferred method in situations where the application needs to be applied to overhead structures and curved surfaces.

Another benefit of structural shotcrete is its low shrinkage. Moisture content and chemical changes causes fewer contractions in shotcrete than in traditional concrete, which means there are fewer cracks and other complications to deal with. 

To summarize, structural shotcrete systems offer low shrinkage, high tensile and better thermal efficiency. It’s stronger, more durable and  less costly than traditional concrete placement, while having the added benefit of being easily applied to oddly shaped surfaces. For those reasons, structural shotcrete is often applicable in both residential and commercial settings. 

Structural Shotcrete Services with Western Grater

Western Grater has ACI Certified nozzlemen that will install structural shotcrete in place of conventional cast-in-place formed concrete. We can install and finish structural shotcrete faster than traditional forms of concrete placement saving both time and money. Combined with our geotechnical installations, we can place shotcrete and tie-back anchors to support the excavation as it continues to grade and then install structural shotcrete for the parking structure backup to street level all with the same crew.

Our team of experienced nozzlemen can complete the application, vertical finishing and clean up all overspray to accelerate project schedules and maximize efficiencies for below street level construction works.