Slope Stabilization

A slope’s stability is its ability to withstand movement. For example, on a soil slope, the soil is influenced by gravity’s attempt to drive the soil down to the earth. A soil slope can be extremely heavy, and if that weight overcomes the slope design, it can become unstable, and an unstable slope can cause massive damage to the construction site, the workers, and nearby structures and people.

The process of slope stabilization is using techniques and tools to resist the pull of gravity and reinforce the slope. This is done through mechanical, structural, and geotechnical methods. There are a number of different techniques that can be used in slope stabilization. Which technique is best for any given slope depends on a number of factors, including:

Whether this is a pre-existing slope that has become unstable or a preventative design for a new slope

If the cause of instability is due to water retention, unstable soil, or unstable material (such as rocks) on the surface.

If water retention has caused the soil to loosen. 

Some potential solutions include installing structural supports (prestressed anchors, rock bolts, shotcrete, etc.), removing unstable debris, and/or adding a layer of protecting, which could include building ditches, installing mesh, or adding catch fences to the area. 

Slope Stabilization Experts on Vancouver Island

Western Grater provides a variety of slope stabilization consulting and installation services. We have the local experience, resources, equipment and expertise to safely and efficiently complete the most challenging slope stabilization projects British Columbia can offer. 

Our team is highly proficient with slope stabilization techniques in a wide range of conditions including:

  • Rock-fall Hazard Mitigation Meshing and Fencing
  • Anchor-Tendon Shotcrete Shoring Systems
  • Underpinning
  • Soil Nail Walls
  • Rock Bolting
  • Geogrid Installation
  • Germination Blanket Installation

Contact us for more information about our slope stabilization services and to find out how we can make your next project a success.