John Hart Generating Station Replacement Project

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Upland Excavating and the Aecon Construction / SNC-Lavalin Joint Venture Group (ASL-JV) contracted Western Grater to install rock support anchors and drill & blast rock on BC Hydro’s John Hart Generating Station Replacement Project, a critical infrastructure upgrade in Campbell River, BC.  The use of precise methods, efficient planning and industry best practices were required to adhere to this project’s strict design parameters.

Being in close proximity to fish-bearing waterways and the local watershed, the use of environmentally friendly materials was a mandatory requirement of this project.  Drilling was conducted with Atlas Copco D-7 hydraulic rock drills using environmentally friendly oils and lubricants.  Blasting required the use of Unitronic 600 electronic detonators to ensure complete detonation of explosives and reliable, consistent vibration control.  Western Grater successfully completed the contract as scheduled, allowing an underground tunneling contractor to promptly begin their scope of work.