Western Grater has extensive knowledge and experience with anchoring activities on land and sea.  Our project management team boasts experience and superior technical analysis skills.  We offer consultation on custom anchor designs and provide engineered shop drawings to assist our clients with their construction plans.  With a diverse selection of drills and equipment, our team has the ability to install anchors in the most challenging of locations.

Our anchoring services include:

  • Seismic Anchors
  • Tie-Back Anchors
  • Marine Pile Anchors
  • Anchor Tendons
  • Soil Nails and Anchors
  • Rock Bolts, Anchors and Dowels

We offer anchoring services in a variety of settings, including:

  • Construction Projects
  • Remote Locations
  • Limited Access Areas
  • High-wall Locations
  • Rehabilitation, Renovation and Upgrade Projects
  • Marine Environments

With experience working alongside owners, engineers, design teams and contractors, Western Grater is an asset to any project requiring anchoring services.  Contact us today for more information regarding our anchoring services and how we can make your next project a success.